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i always wonder…

One day I will hear them say “That’s my kid! I’m am very very proud of her”…Someday..


This guy right here, we were at friends at first. He was always there to cheer me up when I was sad. I didn’t know he would be a huge part of my life. Today is our one year anniversary and it has been the most incredible ride of my life. We have had our laughs, tears, the arguments, misunderstanding, and the love of course. Love is always present. I can’t think of any reason to hate him. There is no reason to hate. Especially with the person you talk to the most, who is just a text/call away. I love him so much. I love how he can make me laugh. I love how he is patient with my craziness and with my family madness. I love how understanding he is. How caring and loving he is. He is such an amazing guy and I hope he knows that, and how I am truly thankful to have him in my life. Happy Anniversary baby! I love you. 10/03/10

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I miss you..
Reblog if one of your greatest fear is seeing your parents in the hospital bed



I can always see children specifically here in tumblr, complaining about their parents. So I hope things are not too late yet. You must love your parents while they are still alive. :)

Those of you who haven’t are rly lucky. Don’t ever take their health for granted. Although my relationship with my parents is extremely rocky, I love them. With all my heart.